Master Pharmacy Program Entrance Examination for 2020

Master Pharmacy Program Entrance Examination for 2020


As of the previous years, the faculty of pharmacy of Charles University conducts entrance examinations for the Master Pharmacy Program, four times a year for all nationals in the Czech Republic, in Hradec Kralove, where the faculty is situated. Nevertheless, participating at the entrance exam for international students, in particular non-EU nationals can be problematic through the visa admission process and accommodation in the Czech Republic. With that said, Aspiyan successfully managed to make some other arrangements with the faculty to ease this process for international students. Accordingly, for the school year of 2020-2012, the dean of pharmacy faculty has agreed to conduct another set of entrance exams in Istanbul, Turkey.

Henceforth, the Charles University Pharmacy entrance exam will be conducted in the Czech Republic and Turkey, providing much more admission opportunities for non-EU nationals.

Aspiyan agency, founded by Dr. Alai, who is himself a Pharm-D holder from Charles Pharmacy faculty, is the official, recommended agency by the Faculty of Pharmacy for successful VISA process for Iranian and middle-eastern students. Aspiyan has been collaborating successfully with Charles University faculty of pharmacy since 2015.

Subsequently, Aspiyan is offering preparation courses, taught in English for master pharmacy program candidates. These courses will cover all the subjects examined in the pharmacy entrance exam. There will be numerous mock exams and exam papers from previous years available for students as well. Stay with us to get all the required information on Charles University Pharmacy entrance exam for the school year of 2020-2021.


Master Pharmacy Program

The master pharmacy program offered by the faculty of pharmacy of the Charles University, is taught in English, and would last for five consecutive years. Having completed all the obligatory courses (there are as well optional courses), students are required to present a thesis and defend it in front of the faculty’s jury. Approved dissertations brings the students the Pharm-D degree, which is the short form for the doctor of pharmacy. Pharm.D programs offered at the Charles University faculty of pharmacy engage students with significant experiential or clinical education components. There is no doubt that Pharm-D holders will be practice-ready, as they have spent significant amount of time on training. Subsequently, there will be the possibility of participating in a follow-up two-year master study program, which offers specialization in Drug discovery and pharmaceutical analysis.


Master Pharmacy Program Entrance Examination

As mentioned earlier, all students wishing to get admission for master pharmacy study at the Charles University are required to pass the entrance examination. The entrance exam would be a written multiple-choice exam and the negative marking would not be counted for wrong answers.

There will questions from Chemistry, biology and botany subjects. 50 multiple-choice questions for chemistry section, 40 questions for biology and 10 to 20 questions for botany. Students will get one point for each correct answer, and the unanswered questions or incorrect ones would not be taken into account for the overall evaluation. The final score for the entrance exam would be 80 points and the remaining 20 points will be decided by the dean of the pharmacy faculty based on other criteria such as the participation in preparation courses (5-10 points) and the faculty’s available seats.

A vital matter to remember is that the pharmacy entrance exam will be conducted in English. Therefore, the high proficiency in English would definitely bring higher chances of admission for students. It is worth mentioning here that the preparation courses by Aspiyan team are all conducted in English, which in terms of English proficiency can prepare students for the entrance exam.


Master Pharmacy Program Entrance Examination Dates in 2020

As previously stated, henceforth, the master pharmacy study entrance examination is going to be conducted in both the Czech Republic and Turkey. However, prior to the entrance exam, all candidates must fill out the online application form on the Charles University faculty of pharmacy website no later than May 31, 2020.

The entrance examination dates in Istanbul, Turkey are as mentioned below:

  • May 2020
  • June 2020

The Aspiyan agency will inform students for the exact examinations dates being conducted in Istanbul, Turkey subsequently:


The entrance exam dates at the Faculty of Pharmacy in the Czech Republic (in Hradec Kralove) are as mentioned below:

  • April 2020
  • June 2020
  • June 2020
  • July 2020


As you can see, the exact date for the last examination in the Czech Republic has not been determined. In fact, the last entrance exam is considered for those candidates who could not participate in the previous dates. The Aspiyan agency will inform students for the exact date of the last entrance exam.

Here, it is worth mentioning that; as Aspiyan agency in located in the Czech Republic, the Aspiyan consultants and lawyers residing in the Czech Republic will be present at the faculty of pharmacy on exam days. For those students taking the exam in Istanbul, Aspiyan team will take the full responsibility for the visa process, hotel reservation and other necessary arrangements. 


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