Guides on applying to universities in the Czech Republic

Guides on applying to universities in the Czech Republic:


  1. Start by selecting a program that is fit to your interests and goals.You can study in Czech, English or in other foreign language.

Study in Czech language at public institutions is free of charge. You should take part in Czech language courses that universities offer. These courses prepare you for study in universities with Czech language and also are useful for your entrance examinations.

You should pay tuition fee to study in foreign languages. However this fee is much cheaper than in Western Europe.


  1. Prepare your basic documents

These documents usually are:

  • Previous completed study documents such as certificate of secondary school or bachelor or master degree. These certificates should be recognized by Czech Republic authorities.

  • Application form should be completed.

  • A proof for admission, letter of recommendation, portfolio and English proficiency test is also needed.

  1. Check the specific requirements on selected university website:

Each university has specific requirement and deadline. You should always check the selected university and provide its requirements. If you need some advice, you can contact the study department or the international office of the relevant university.

The deadline is often between February and April. Students can apply at various programs or universities


  1. Taking part in university’s entrance exam

If you are an eligible applicant, you may be needed to take part in university’s entrance exam. This exam often hold in Czech Republic but some options for taking exam via Skype is existed.


  1. Applying for visa and enjoy your stay

Based on your nationality, you may be needed to apply for resident or visa. As soon as receiving the official letter of admission, you should apply for visa that can take up to 60 days.


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