Receiving Student Visas for Czech Republic

Receiving Student Visas for Czech Republic


Each year, many students from all around the world decide to study in the Czech Republic. Those who do not have the Czech or EU nationality or are not belong to a Czechish or European family must have long-term visa or a long-term residence permit in order to study and stay temporarily in the Czech Republic (more than three months). It should be noted that “study” must be met the limitation of Czech law to indicate the purpose of stay. Study includes secondary education, higher vocational schools, other higher educational establishments, universities and professional training facilities. In the study application, a third country national is free to choose between applying for Czech long-term visa and a long-term residence permit. However, the second type of aforementioned application, must to be filed at the Czech embassy in the state of which the applicant is a citizen or in some cases, in the state in which the third country national has a long-term or permanent residence permit.


The embassy is responsible for charging “CZK 500” for accepting the residence permit application for study. Afterward, the third country national will pay CZK 2,500 which is dedicated for the residence card in the Czech Republic (i.e. biometric residence card). When applying, the applicant is required to have two photographs, passport, and SOP. Besides, the proof of accommodation, such as lease contract, the proof of funds to cover the financial support for living in the Czech Republic and a document on travel medical insurance (except for applicants form  and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Japan, Yemen, Cuba, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey) are needed.

After filling the application, the embassy is called to interview with the applicant. This interview could relate to private life and as details of everyday life in the Czech Republic, therefore efficient and effective presentation is the key for success. The deadline process of the study applicant and resident permit application is about 90 and 60 days from filing the application, respectively. Applying for a long-term residence permit is advisable for intends to study in the Czech Republic for a longer period than 6 months which is available only for applicants-students, while others are initially required to file a different application for long-term 6 months visa.

The advantages of long-term residence permit application are the judicial protection and avoidance of further administrative procedures when applying for a long-term residence permit with respect to the expiration of Czech long-term visa.

According to the documents provided, the long-term visa is issued with a validity period of only 6 months or a stay period. If a third country national with Czech long-term visa intends to study in the Czech Republic for a more than six months, it is required to apply for Czech long-term residence permit with the same purpose of the stay.

Application of a long-term residence permit has to be assigned and filed not before 90 days and not after than 14 days prior of a long-term visa expiration. This application must be filed personally and it is not allowed be sent by post. Generally, Czech long-term residence permit can be frequently protracted as long as the purpose of stay is not changed. The application for extension of long-term residence permit is filed at the Ministry of Interior offices in the Czech Republic based on the applicant`s residence place. If the applicant is intended to change the state of his/her purpose of stay for example employment, he/she must apply for a new application of the long-term residence permit (that is not for an extension), under the same rules, i.e. it should be filled personally. Within three working days after arriving or entering the Czech Republic, all non-EU students commonly receive a long-term residence permit and they are obliged to inform the Ministry of Interior office in person for the purpose of carrying out undertakings and activities attendant with issuing to take a biometric residence card and to report their arrival time to the Czech Republic. Non-EU applicants will not require a biometric card on a long-term visa for the study purpose; consequently, they or accommodation provider should only inform the Foreign Police before ending the 3 days from their arrival.




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