Support for Czech Republic study visa

Support for Czech Republic study visa


Aspiyan group is an iranian based organization & it is the leading overseas Study Visa. Our core activity would be to assist students to pursue education at institutions and Universities of the Czech Republic. also We offer all kinds of study Immigration services to our clients. The clients are given descriptive information in regards to their files so that they can understand their profile and application can be launched accordingly.



Czech Republic study visa:


Czech Republic with its capital city, Prague and the population of 10500000 is one of the favorite countries for international students. Each year, the great numbers of students from all over the world apply for educational visa to Czech Republic government. It has about 39000 students that are studying in Czech Republic universities, now.

Education in Czech Republic is both in Czech and English language. Moreover, Czech Republic is one of the countries with top ranked universities that have good educational system with the best facilities. Therefore, Czech Republic universities are one of the selections for international students.


What are the features in study at Czech Republic universities?


• You study in a historical system with the background of 600 years of good educational system.

• From 39000 students, nearly 37000 students are international. These numbers show the great numbers of applications that will be dedicated each year.

• Low expenditure in Czech Republic as well as university’s facilities is another reason for international students to select Czech Republic for study.

• With the variety of good universities, good educational programs and a lot of course, students have a wide variety of selection.

• A certificate that will be given to you after graduation is a valid certificate in all over the European Union that you can easily work with it.

Requirement for receiving student’s visa or resident permit:

- Proof of acceptance at university in Czech Republic. After university’s entrance exam, you were asked to take part in the interview. Then a letter will be send to you that shows weather you are accepted in university or not.

- Confirmation of accommodation. You have to show a proof that you have a place to live in Czech Republic whether in your private house or apartment or in a dormitory.

- A proof of criminal record. You have to prove that you have never had any crime.

- A proof of financial resource that you can live in Czech Republic for one year. This proof should be translated both into Czech and English language.

- Based on your previous level of study you need to translate your certificate such as diploma, bachelor degree or master degree into English language.

- Transcript of previous study level that has been translated into English.

- Translation of birth certificate

- Translation of your passport that at least have three month to expiration.

- Medical health certification

- 2 recent photographs with white background


Aspiyan Group performs all the actions required for studying in Czech Republic. You can rely on Aspiyan Group for consultation about the most suitable universities according to your qualifications, academic desires and affordability besides preparing the documents required for enrolling into the opted university and obtaining the student visa.


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