How to apply for Student Visa in Czech Republic

How to apply for Student Visa in Czech Republic


There are various conditions for entry and residence of the Czech Republic for students who are EU and non-EU nationals. European students (citizens of the European Economic Area and Switzerland) do not need any visa (or long-term residence permit) to enter and reside in the Czech Republic. Students from countries other than the European Union, for example from the Middle East, are required to be initially accepted for one of the educational programs of the Czech Republic, and then they should apply for an embassy appointment based on their university or college admission program and eventually apply for a study visa. Consider the following article on the Czech Republic student visa from the perspective of the Aspiyan Sending Student Institute.



Requirements for the Czech Republic student visa


If you want to go to college for a degree or something like that, you first need to find a course and accept it. Once you have received the registration certificate, you can apply for a visa to study in the Czech Republic (if you need it). For summer courses up to three, you will need a short-term Schengen Type C visa, for sessions longer than six months you will need a long-term national D-type visa.


Apply for the Czech Republic visa


You need to apply for a visa through the Embassy of the Czech Republic. You will need to complete the application form and submit supporting documents in English. For a short-term Schengen Type C visa, the required documents include:

  1. Valid passport / valid travel ID

  2. Proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses while you live in the Czech Republic

  3. Health/accident insurance

  4. Confirmation of the reserved course includes payment of fees

  5. If you are less than 18 years old you also need the following: birth certificate, travel permit if you are traveling to the Czech Republic alone, and a copy of your parental visa if you are visiting with parents

Once you arrive in the Czech Republic, you have 14 days to register at the embassy.

While waiting for B license (which may take several weeks), you will receive a certificate that allows you to open a bank account, but you are not allowed to leave the country. Type B licenses will be issued to you as a biometric card. This card is valid for one year. The expiration date of this card is also renewable.


Required Documents for a Czech Republic Visa


  1. Application form

  2. Letter of Acceptance for Studies

  3. A valid passport and passport photo

  4. Proof of financial resources for residence (for example through a bank statement or confirmation of financial aid)

  5. Residence confirmation guaranteed

  6. Valid International Health Insurance

  7. An Overview of the Legal Background

Please note that some documents (for example a summary of criminal case filings) must be translated into the official language of the Czech Republic by an official translation. Foreign police evaluate visa applications and report to the Czech Embassy for a visa.


Duration of Czech Republic Study Visa


All visas must be approved by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic; then the visa application process takes approximately 60 days from the date the Embassy received all the visa application documents. This period should be valid for studying at a university or school with an adequate degree. The duration of the visa application process for an unrecognized course at a university or school is 90 days.


Costs of obtaining the Czech Republic student visa


A student visa is a license that allows you to study in a specific area for a specified period. The Czech Republic student visa is issued as a label on the passport page. The student visa application for study in the Czech Republic is free of charge. If you do not have a valid passport, you will need to apply for it, and this will include costs.

Aspiyan Institute, with its brilliant work in sending students from the Middle East and other countries to the Czech Republic, has made it easy for students to study under different conditions. The Aspiyan group is also capable of doing all the above steps and preparing the requirements for obtaining the Czech Republic visa. Contact the Institute consultants for more information.

This Institute, in collaboration with experienced lawyers and consultants in Iran and other countries, is proud to be able to provide immigrant services to students in a variety of legitimate ways, as well as to people with varying degrees of professionalism and legality.

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