Consultation with Aspiyan group

Consultation with Aspiyan group


The Czech Republic universities have the European standards and are affiliated to most known universities in the Europe. Studying in this beautiful country will make you take advantage of both beauty and education quality of the Czech Republic.

If you would like to process your visa application through student Visa for Czech Republic, the best way to start is to have a consultation with one of our experienced registered regulated consultant. We offer face-to-face consultations and via skype or phone.



During the consultation you will receive the following information:


  • Advice on the student visa which are available to you

  • introducing field of studies and universities in Czech

  • Benefits and disadvantages of each option

  • An outline of the main stages in the application process

  • processing time and cost for each option


preparation course


We provide our students with preparation for the entrance exam with the guidance of an instructor, workbooks. Additionally, we will help you locate the nearest testing center and schedule the exam on your behalf.


Document Verification


Our legal team are experts in confirming and processing our clients’ paperwork according to the Czech government’s requirements to the fullest, making sure no document is missing.


Editing of Resume and Cover Letter


We offer a service for editing the client’s resume, polishing out the grammar and emphasizing relevant skills. We also offer a phone conversation with the editor, who will give you tips about writing your cover letter.


Security and Privacy


The Company commits to keep all of our clients’ documents and personal information enclosed inside of our servers and deleted when the process is done. We assure you that nothing exits our systems without your full consent.

There are many universities in the republic of Czech that accept the IELTS test and it is not necessary to know their language. The Czech universities have the European quality for education and they are a good choice even for the European themselves.

As a strong official representative of well-known universities of the Czech Republic, on top of which there is Charles University, the Aspiyan Group performs all the actions required for studying in this country. You can rely on Aspiyan Group for consultation about the most suitable universities according to your qualifications, academic desires and affordability besides preparing the documents required for enrolling into the opted university and obtaining the student visa.


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