Apply in Czech Republic universities

Apply in Czech Republic universities


Let us start with this question:

 Why is studying in foreign countries so popular?

  1. There are many reasons why overseas courses are so popular. The attractions of this type of education for most international students are usually a combination of enjoying a quality education, the experience of immersing themselves in a new culture (and often a new language), acquiring a global mindset and a future in business.


  1. Studying abroad usually leads to better job

Some are afraid of leaving their homeland and moving to strangers, but studying abroad is also an exciting challenge. Studying abroad usually leads to better job opportunities and a broader understanding of the world. If you have plans to study abroad, you should look for options that are closer to your conditions and future that you have outlined for yourself, In addition, it is best to look for options that are closer to your costs and morale.



Make a balance between education and welfare

The kind of experience you get during your life abroad will vary greatly depending on where you go. So make sure you choose your destination based on your personal interests as well as the academic credentials of the destination country to strike a healthy balance between work and leisure.

Currently, one of the best countries to obtain a degree is the Czech Republic .At a lower cost than other countries around the world and even in some cases free.

When you decide which country you want to go to, it is up to you to choose the course and university. You can find Czech Republic's top universities in the QS ranking for Universities and choose one of these universities.


Benefits of studying in the Czech Republic:


  • Studying in one of the EU countries with a growing economy

  • Very low living and education costs

  • Stay in one of the safest and most beautiful EU countries with very rich historical and cultural monuments

  • Possibility to travel to other European countries while studying and stay in the country after graduation

  • The main requirement for studying at a Czech state university is knowing the language of the country or the English language.


Obtaining admission to study in Czech

Undergraduate and high school diplomas and pre-university degrees are required to study in Czech. If you are applying for a master's degree, your admission assessed based on your undergraduate degree. If you are applying for a PhD, you must have a Masters Degree.

Students may apply to various institutions and colleges for several courses. The deadline for submissions is usually at the end of February or March. Most universities provide the online application form.

In many universities, applicants have to take entrance exams, which usually take place between June and September. Evaluation methods vary from university to university, and depending on the field of study.


Czech student visa

The Czech Republic is an EU member state and does not require visas for students from other EU member states to live and study in the Czech Republic. For students from outside the European Union, a student visa is required to contact the Czech Embassy in your country to obtain this visa. Visa requirements include a letter of acceptance, translation of qualifications, a financial certificate and a valid passport.


The cost of studying in Czech

Higher education at all public universities of the Czech Republic is free for students of all nationalities as long as you are willing and able to study in the Czech language. If you wish to enroll in a course in English, you must pay a tuition fee. For example, the average English language course costs around $ 4,500 per year. Students must also pay some of the administrative costs or costs of supplementary programs. Private universities have different fees, typically about $ 2000 to 15000 per year.


Authentic Czech universities

Among the prestigious universities in the Czech Republic are:

  • Charles University

  • Czech Technical University in Prague

  • Masaryk University of Technology

  • Brno University of Technology

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